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Built In Lids

Hideaway is the pioneer of waste bins with built in lids. When you have a handful of rubbish, you don’t want to be juggling between opening a door and lifting a lid while trying not to spill rubbish.

The Hideaway lid is mounted to the top of the bin system, and closes itself to seal the bin, keeping your hands free. The built in lid system helps control odours.

There are two types of built in lid designs. The Concelo range has the award-winning Active Lid design, while the original Friction Fitted built in lid system is available on the Hideaway® Soft Close and Hideaway® Deluxe ranges of bins. See below for more detail.


The Active Lid is hidden from sight at the top of the bin inside the cabinet, and drops down to close over the buckets when the unit is closed. The motion of the lid is synchronized with the opening and closing action of the unit, which lets you keep your hands free to simply drop waste into the bin. This unique design allows the Active Lid to open and close with zero friction placed on the runners of the bin, allowing a smooth light closing action.

To make cleaning easy, the Active Lid has been designed so that it can very easily be removed and re-installed with the help of a cleverly designed lid tool.


The Friction Fitted lid uses a foam-sprung lid design that creates a seal across the bucket/s when the unit is closed, assisting in odour control.

This lid has a Clinikill anti-bacterial powder coat to fight harmful bacteria, yeast and fungi keeping the bin solution hygienic.*

The Friction Fitted lid is available on the Hideaway Soft Close range and Hideaway Deluxe range of bins.

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