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New Zealand Made

Kitchen King is a proud member of the Buy New Zealand Made Campaign. All Hideaway® Bins are made here in New Zealand and go through stringent quality procedures to ensure you are delivered a quality Hideaway bin every time.




Hideaway Bins work closely with New Zealand’s leading contract manufacturers of sheet metal products. Utilising cutting edge computer controlled sheet metal technology delivers high quality precision components, which ensures the quality and reliability of all Hideaway Bins.





Prior to powder coating, all individual metal parts used undergo an iron phosphate pre-treatment. Iron phosphate conversion coating is a very important pre-treatment process, adding significantly to the performance of the finished coating, improving the over-all resistance of the metal part.

These parts are then subjected to an acidic bath and coated in a free flowing dry powder which is applied manually using a hand gun to ensure maximum coverage. The powder coating is applied electrostatically and is then cured under heat to allow it to form a hard finish.

At the powder coating stage, a Clinikill™ Anti-Bacterial Powder Coat is also applied to the friction-fitted lids of Hideaway Deluxe and Hideaway Soft Close bin models. The powder coat contains silver ions that are designed to fight harmful yeast, bacteria and fungi keeping the bin solution hygienic – a feature unique to Hideaway Bins.


We partner closely with leading plastic injection moulding suppliers. This gives us access to specialist skills and manufacturing machinery, allowing full control over the plastic injection moulding processes ensuring Hideaway Bins stringent quality standards are met.

Hideaway Bins are made with virgin materials, giving the finished product its outstanding durability when coping with the environment and stresses it is subjected to. The food-grade polypropylene material is FDA (U.S.A) approved and is completely recyclable.






Once all Hideaway Bin components are ready for assembly, our Product Technicians assemble the bins by hand at our facility in Silverdale, Auckland, NZ.

This assembly process allows for all parts to be hand checked to ensure the highest quality end product.

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