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At Kitchen King®, we take pride in responsibly recycling and re-using products to minimise the impact on the environment. With the push towards the management of waste and recycling never having been stronger, Kitchen King supports the belief that as a leading manufacturing company, we need to be responsible for our actions and the effect on the environment.

We have put a number of different practices into place to ensure that our environmental impact is reduced and that our products are environmentally friendly. This includes ensuring that cardboard and palstic packaging for our bin components are re-used time and time again. All waste cardboard or plastic packaging is sent for recycling, while any metal rejects are sent away for recycling.

Our plastic buckets are made with virgin materials, giving them maximum durability, yet are still completely recyclable at the end of their life cycle. Any waste during the moulding process is reground for reuse in other components.


Not only has Kitchen King ensured that the manufacturing process is environmentally friendly, but we have also developed units that assist commercial environments to establish practices that staff can easily follow.

For example, the installation of 50L Hideaway Bins side by side is an innovative solution for separating waste and recycling. Once the bin has been used to dispose of waste or recycling, the unit slides away out of sight keeping the room clear of clutter. The units are manufactured from high quality materials to ensure that they will withstand the challenges posed in a busy commercial environment. 






There is an increasing awareness of the environmental impact of plastic packaging, especially single use plastic bags. Each year 100’s of tons of plastic packaging is dumped into landfills around New Zealand, which can take hundreds of years to decompose. 

To assist with the reduction of harmful plastic packaging polluting our environment,  Hideaway has developed 100% Compostable Bin Liners. Hideaway compostable bin liners are made from a natural starch-based polymer derived from corn, and are plastic free. The drawstrings are also manufactured using the same corn starch material, and the printing is done with water based eco-friendly inks.

Hideaway compostable bin liners will break down in a compost environment without leaving any harmful residues in the process, unlike biodegradable plastic which will break down into tiny plastic fragments.

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